C’est une controverse partout sur le web… Détesté par plusieurs, voici un aperçu de l’uniforme du team USA de snowboard pour les J.O de Vancouver, qui auront lieu dans quelques semaines… Ainsi que quelques textes à propos de celui ci!

Burton was opposed to the whole concept of “uniforms” in snowboarding. Not so much anymore. Despite a usual lack of comments on our favorite industry-nerd blog, this one got some people talking. It’s good. Our friend the Rumorator was kind enough to point that the pants are in fact, denim, and he is not a fan. “You are not sending these jocks to a Math Davehews concert. If you really wanted to be running a proper kit with them denims why not replace that coat with a proper drug-rug (aka the fedie-weave) from the old Mission/Poncho Villa kit? Looking forward to the team issued Birkenstocks and footbags.” There’s more, but you should probably click over there and let him know that jeans are why you are proud to be American. We would, but we’re staying out of it.


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