Et bien notre joyeux nomade donne de ses nouvelles après déjà quelques mois de vie dans l’ouest Canadien (Anglais seulement);

Life is good in Fernie. No major amounts of new snow yet but its blue bird these days, which is good because it had been a long time since we saw the sun with no clouds!
This week end was the Fernie Freeski comp. 4 days. First day is the qualifier, second day is the semi-finals and the third is the finals. There’s an extra day for venue inspection and/or weather day. Unfortunately I exploded on my last air on the first day, its all good, I didn’t hurt my knee!! So the next days, I went shooting with a local photog guy. Brian Pollock. Real cool dude and old friend of Mike Berard and Ross Janzen, who, put me in contact with. Ross got third at the Freeski comp, and first place went to a friend of the A*S family, Laurent Gauthier! He lives in Pemberton and was tired of the Olympics, so decided to come down and check out Fernie, 200$ for the comp with lift tickets sounded good to him. He could ski if he didn’t make it the first day. Well, he fricken won it!! First time skiing Fernie!!! Craziness! But he seriously skied very well, definitely worthy of the first place! A part from that not much except that the skiing is good!! All the upper areas, like headwalls, have never looked so good!! Its all filled in good and the snow is sticking!

Last week went for a touring mission. Tunnel Creek is the spot we went to, took us three hours to get to the top of our line, and was worth it for sure. Lots of creamy vert!!! All in all, the season is treating me good!

Seb ski pour K2 et A*s!

Pour voir plus de photos cliquez ici!



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