Guy Giroux – FMSQ round 3: Ferme-Neuve

This week-end was round 3 of the FMSQ serie , the race was in Ferme-Neuve 2hrs north of Montreal. The week prior to this was again a big rush to get everything ready, got my pipe and silencer from Zip-Ty on wed, and also got my suspension reworked by Lee(pro-tech) the same night, i went to test on friday afternnon and everything was feeling good on the mx track….So i finished packing friday night , and we even had time for a bicycle warm up ride on sat morning wich was awesome!

We got to the racetrack and i went to walk the trail, it was typical north stuff, greasy bowling ball size rocks with black dirt, some sand singletrack and a little mx track. We had a good lunch, and i slept pretty good.

Sunday morning came and the weather was perfect, i took Karine’s bike to the line , and watched her get a 3rd place start, but after 2 curves she was leading 15 min later , she appeared in first again a few seconds in the lead, i was pretty confident that she would stay there, but on lap three she came in yelling that she had no more clutch, the problem was a bent handguard that was blocking the lever, she went back in fourth, came back on lap four in second place but this time she was yelling no more front brake… Once again it was the handguard the was blocking the lever!!! I guess she was crashing a lot and everytime it was the poor handguard taking the hit… At the one hrs mark i was ready to shoot her with a shot of powergel, but i did a rookie mechanic mistake and forgot to take the cap out… the result was gel everywhere except in her mouth…. Whatever she went back and finished second, wich was good considering that slippery rock is not really her best quality…

Now it was my time, once again i got surprised by the ref quick drop of the flag and i was midpack off the start, wich sucked big time since the first section was the dusty mx track, i took my time, and once in the wood i started my comeback, things were really sketchy, i was trying hard but the slippery stuff mixed with the pinball effect of the stupid rocks were trowing me everywhere, i guess my set up wasn’t that good for that stuff….Anyway it took me a lap to get in second place, and believe me it wasn’t always pretty! At the scan jason had a 40 sec lead wich wasn’t that bad considering the work i had done to get in second, On the second lap i lost it and trew a yard sale in the slippery stuff, everything was ok except for a little bit of pain on my right thumb! Whatever i went back but Phillipe had caught me, so i put it on overdrive and ran away, got to about a 50 sec lead and stayed there till one lap after refuel, i had prob a 40 sec lead, but i was starting to overheat, so i stopped for water to try and calm down a bit, and went for another lap, when i got back Phillipe had caught me again, i was sleeping i guess, or the heat got me to ride soft , anyway the kid was on my butt big time, so once again i jumped on the good’ole overdrive and put around a 20 sec lead , as i was going thrue the transpondeur for the last time i saw him trying to pick up is bike in the downhill, finally i had more breathing room…his crash took his clutch wire out and i was ok to cruise to second place on the last lap wich was good since i was completely busted! It’s been a very long time since i overheated like that, and it’s not that funny, so i went back to my trailer and sat there like a zombie for a while…

I drove back home really pissed, i really don’t like to get reeled in, plus my little pain in the thumb was now major!! I guess it bent pretty far, since it wasn’t moving anymore and the poor little thing looked like a one legged fat smurf. We got home and i parked the rig first try for the first time this year!!! put my thumb in ice, and went to bed…

So what is the plan now, i need to find a better set-up for my bike, i also need to train more in the heat, need to pedal more(wich i did monday and tuesday) but the priority is the heal my stupid thumb! Then get the rig ready!!!, the CEC are coming way too fast, and i got tons of stuff to prepare….

Sorry for the lack of pictures, i guess being team owner, manager,mechanic, truck driver, and rider doesnt leave me much time to snap pictures, and i havent find anything from friends yet…

So Till next time , have fun…



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