Guy Giroux – APRX CEC round 3 & 4

Well i’m back… after a quick 50hrs truck drive i’m sitting in my house, where it’s blazing hot and humid!!!
The ride back home went ok, no problem, nothing spectacular …just a crazy long drive…

But let me tell you something, 50 hrs in a truck after a bad race, equal a lots of thinking!!!! The west is not made for me i guess, i’ve crashed more in 2 weeks than in the last 3 years here… This year i rode everyday since the last 2 weeks to try and get use to the terrain, but nothing happened, i still ride like a gimp over there, i came to the only conclusion that my body is not build to go downhill….

Whatever my week was spend riding at the Durkee’s place, and one day in Kamloops with this time both Ryan’s Grafunder and Durkee… Talk about looking at the Future right in front of me, Both those kids will rule off-road soonner than we all think!!

I also spend a day in Silverstar, riding my brand new Specialized carbon fiber mountain Bike, once again the western terrain was awesome.

Once in Apex, (after 2 quick stop uphill to let the big bad dodge cool down….) We installed the Husky/FP/… headquarter in the nicest parking spot, stepping up once again with six big flag over our multiple tents! I walked the test and was ready to race,

On saturday i started the day pretty good, and once again on lap 2 i crashed hard in the enduro test, i did finish the day pretty good, and once in the pits i decided to change everything again, suspension, pipe silencer, jetting, bars position…theyre had to be something why i was riding so bad… i wasnt happy with 9th in E2….

Next morning i was feeling better than in Blairmore, and despite all my changes and not crashing i rode slower….. I’m riding super steady times, but i cannot go fast downhill…. One other thing i sucked at is wet car tires…. i guess we have no trails here that go down, or are filled with wet tires…

At least back home, miss Geoffrion , aka Karine, or Flexi , was once again kicking butt in the FMSQ serie, with her third win of the serie.

So now i’ m back home, waiting for the late night road bike ride , my head still spinning with question on what to do to go fast again, maybe i lost my MOJO, maybe i just need to get pissed like i am right now…. anyway i will try different stuff in the next weeks , and hopefully find back my MOJO and finally see the podium in the CEC serie.

Thanks to all my western friends, seeing you guys made the trip worthwhile, I wish i could have stayed for the sunday ritual in Apex….

Big thanks to my dad for sharing the long drive with me…

Until next race have fun!

Thanks to Dan Paris for the video


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